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leak detection dallas

Of all the many plumbing services we offer, one thing we specialize in is leak detection Dallas residents are grateful for. In the event a leak has caused any damage to your home, we are prepared to handle any kind of repairs, or new installations if needed. Leaks are one of the most common issues that your pipes may face as time goes on. An even more severe situation, is if leaks are getting through the foundation slab. These types of leaks can be caused by numerous different things. Our leak detection specialists have mastered all the techniques necessary to detect any deterioration, and unstable or cracked areas in the foundation of your home. In the event of a slab leak, know that it is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Contact one of our Dallas leak detection specialists today!

Slab leaks are becoming more of a common problem for Texas homeowners these days. In extreme cases it can get bad enough that there will be visible signs you would eventually notice. The most apparent is if you have an unusually high water utility bill. Spots on the floor or your carpet could also be an indicator the slab is leaking. This could potentially lead to discolored floors and walls, which is another red flag. Arguably the most serious is if any water is seeping out from your home’s walls or exterior. If you or anybody you know has noticed any of these early warning signs, call us today for the most reliable slab leak detection Dallas families can depend on!

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Slab Leak Repair Dallas

Some of the reasons slab leaks develop, are because your pipes are simply outdated, or if the installing contractor used cheap materials. However, there are other extenuatingl circumstances that contribute to leaks such as high mineral content in the water, electrolysis, and soil corrosion. When water is pressure remains too high for too long, it can also be likely to cause a slab leak. That being said, it’s vital to check your water pressure regularly to prevent this from happening. Call today for slab leak repair Dallas residents can depend on!

Something as simple as just a pinhole leak, can lead to a burst pipe if it remains undetected. Our team of experts are able to help you with simple routine inspections to make sure everything stays in working order. They are trained and highly skilled in the use of electronic radar equipment to effectively detect leaks anywhere in your home. Whether the leaks are within the pipes themselves or underneath the concrete slab, our team can locate them without issue.  Call today to speak with one of our Dallas leak detection specialists!

Once we have located any leaks, our experts will determine the proper solution and explain it to you, along with what was causing the issue in the first place. Slab leaks are a very serious issue, so as soon as an issue is detected, it should be repaired. If ignored, it can cause problems with several other parts of your home, turning one repair into multiple repairs. Give us a call today for slab leak detection Dallas residents have desperately needed!