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Please do not be concerned if you are wondering whether or not we service your city. The answer is a YES! We have several experet Midlothian plumbers available on standby if you need or anybody you know is in need of our services. You have to know whom to trust when it comes to handling the pipelines and plumbing systems of your home. We at Encore Plumbing are just the right people for all of your plumbing, gas line, septic, sewage, and drain cleaning needs. All of our local clients around the DFW Metroplex are worry-free now because we have come to their rescue. We have years and years of experience around the entire area, but we consider Midlothian to be a second home. Our connection here has allowe us to improve our services, and make ourselves more available to the local community over the years. We have developed our own efficient methods and utilize proven  techniques for repair, maintenance, and installation. If you are in the are, give us a call today for assistance with any of your plumbing needs!

Our years of experience and dedication to superior customer service, have earned us the trust of many business owners and homeowners all over the great state of Texas. Rest assured, we will provide you with the same quality of service. You can expect us to be honest in everything, from our inspection, proposal, execution, and quality control. We are transparent every step of the way so you are always well informed with what is going on. We understand how busy you can get, so

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One of the things we emphasize, is providing cost-effective and affordable solutions to your problems. If you have a tight budget to stick to, don’t worry. There is almost always a way we can make it work around your finances. All of our services, no matter the price range, are still going to be just as quick, friendly, and reliable as the others. We’re glad to give you a free quote so you can see how competitive and reasonable our prices are up front. As a tenured service provider, we only employ licensed and bonded plumbing technicians to ensure that all your plumbing systems are installed or repaired correctly.

There are no projects and tasks that we’re incapable of handling for you. We have achieved a sterling reputation due to our track record of successful construction, repairs, and renovations. We’re known both statewide, and in local cities for our unrelenting passion for providing the best service in Texas. It is our goal to create a lifelong friendship with each of our customers. Our staff at Encore Plumbing are all professionals, friendly, hardworking, and dedicated to making sure you are taken care of. We will always do our best to recognize any issues you have, and handle them as fast as possible. Call today to speak with a plumber Midlothian TX residents can depend on!